But there are some changes for 2013 

The Cruise was started to create a place to show and drive our rides. It worked. We also wanted a place for vendors and to support the merchants on South Golden Road in particular. That worked too. As with all things, there is the necessary organization, cooperation and communication with many parties behind the scenes and it’s a lot more complicated than it seems, but that has been kept out of sight intentionally. This is a time for fun and enjoying our car community. That seems to have worked pretty much too. 

The Cruise has been privately funded from the beginning so no one could make us do what they wanted just because they gave money. The Cruise was for the Cruisers. Costs rose regularly over the last eight years and the economy stalled so we started accepting donations during the 2012 Cruise. Right now we want to acknowledge every person that stepped up. Our sincere and heartfelt thanks. It says a lot about the character of each of you. 

Nevertheless, we fell far short and inevitable consequences follow. Sadly, there will be no official DJ or photographers paid by the Cruise in 2013. Trash receptacles and clean up will continue as before. The rest of the management tasks also remain the same, but we’ll still have the Cruise and it will be whatever the participants and Cruisers make it. You’ve been great in the past and there’s no doubt that will continue.

These are the correct facts. Anything else is rumor and gossip and incorrect.

A few more things. Some of the police have commented that they enjoy the Cruise and appreciate it when people have thanked them. The congestion is out of hand and caused largely by the bottleneck at the roundabout at Ulysses in front of the Sonic. Six out of 10 cars are not cruisers. It is polite and it is wisdom for Cruisers to use the right-hand lane as much as possible especially when going up the hill.

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2013 Super Cruise Schedule

5 to 9 PM on South Golden Road in Golden CO
First Saturday each month May thru October
May 4
June 1July 6Aug 3Sept 7Oct 5

Please Take This Seriously!

The Super Cruise takes place on public streets
All traffic laws are in effect!


Guideline: If you wouldn't do it with the police watching - Don't Do It!

Please Read Muffler Policy Information

Information Line (303) 968-7536
Cancellation information beginning
at noon on Cruise day.


To ease congestion, we are asking that Cruisers stay in the right hand lane when reasonable on South Golden Road and to courteously always give citizen cars the right of way.

Please tell other Cruisers!

South Golden Road Parking Maps

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Fire Lane Restrictions

Fire lanes have been made formal. Don't begrudge it. This is responsible public safety and it has taken a lot of effort by many people to assess each area and come up with a fair balance. Thank them. You'll appreciate it when it's your heart attack.

Cruise Cancellation Policy

We aren't going to reschedule a Cruise that's cancelled for weather. Read more ...

This is the cool stuff we all want and it's right here in Golden. Just about everything nostalgia you can imagine and newer goodies too. 1/2 block west of Washington Avenue on 12th Street. Park behind the Old Capital Grill.

1115 Miners Alley; Golden, CO 80401

website: Jalopyz

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