There’s a change for 2019, but the Super Cruise is NOT CANCELLED! If it ever is there will be plenty of notice through email, the info line and the website. Please remember: Not cancelled.

Pizza Hut is moving near King Soopers in time for the May Cruise. Pizza Hut is NOT closing. There will be plenty of parking at their new location and in the car show that takes place in that lot during the Cruise.

Les Schwab Tire Center is going to build in place of the Pizza Hut. The Pizza Hut parking lot has been a favorite place to park during the Cruise and this will disappoint some. It’s too early to negotiate, but hopefully Les Schwab will see the advantages of opening their lot for Cruise Saturday parking. As it stands right now, there’s no known reason why we can’t continue to park there until construction begins.

The Cruise owns 27 trash and recycle containers that are put out before every Cruise and returned to the Pizza Hut parking lot to be emptied by the waste pickup vendor during the week after the Cruise. Six volunteers have done the cleanup routine more than 90 times in the life of the Cruise and we intend to continue to do that, but this change presents container storage and pickup problems yet unsolved for the 2019 Cruise that may not be possible to solve at all. In the meantime we’re asking that everyone be prepared to pack out their own trash and maybe some other orphaned litter. You’ve all been extra careful to leave no trace of the Cruise behind in the past and been complimented for it many times by those that watch how the Cruise operates, so thank you. Paying extra attention during this time will be more hard proof that the Cruise is exceptionally respectful. Keep up the good work and we’ll see you this summer.





Cruise setup is complicated and rescheduling it not possible. 24 trash containers and six recycle containers have to be delivered and picked up full or empty, the police and fire departments have to plan and staff each time and there other several costs that can’t be pushed forward, but mostly have to be paid again. Therefore, if a Cruise is cancelled for whatever reason, that’s it for that month.

Cancellation information will be posted here and on the Info Line, (303) 968-7536, starting at noon on Cruise day. If there’s no cancellation message, then the Cruise will be held as scheduled. We’ll do a better job of keeping the Info Line current during the day, but generally the decision is fairly obvious when the weather is severe.

There are always rumors that the Super Cruise has been cancelled for a weekend or permanently. If it ever actually is, then it will be posted on this website and the info line. It always traces back to the same people so stop listening to them.




The Cruise is not able to accept new vendors. Sorry.

We all pretty much know the drill by now, but here are some reminders.

1. Please keep dogs on leash. There are good reasons.

2. The preferred Cruise route through downtown is intended to relieve the congestion downtown and in the neighborhoods around 9th and 10th.

Coming from South Golden Road, turn Left at 19th and Ford, go two blocks to turn Right at Washington Avenue, drive through town to 10th, turn right two blocks to Ford, Ford becomes Jackson and either turn Right at 19th back to Washington or go back to South Golden Road. If you want to loop back through town, cross 10th, turn Right on 9th, Right on 10th, Left on Washington Avenue.

3. As always, have fun.