Cruise setup is complicated and rescheduling it not possible. The police and fire departments have to plan and staff each time and there other several costs that can’t be pushed forward, but mostly have to be paid again. Therefore, if a Cruise is cancelled for whatever reason, that’s it for that month.

Cancellation information will be posted here and on the Info Line, (303) 968-7536, starting at noon on Cruise day. If there’s no cancellation message, then the Cruise will be held as scheduled. Generally the decision is fairly obvious when the weather is severe.

There are always rumors that the Super Cruise has been cancelled for a weekend or permanently. If it ever actually is, then it will be posted on this website and the info line.




The Cruise is not able to accept new vendors. Sorry.

We all pretty much know the drill by now, but here are some reminders.

1. Please keep dogs on leash. There are good reasons.

2. The preferred Cruise route through downtown is intended to relieve the congestion downtown and in the neighborhoods around 9th and 10th.

Coming from South Golden Road, turn Left at 19th and Ford, go two blocks to turn Right at Washington Avenue, drive through town to 10th, turn right two blocks to Ford, Ford becomes Jackson and either turn Right at 19th back to Washington or go back to South Golden Road. If you want to loop back through town, cross 10th, turn Right on 9th, Right on 10th, Left on Washington Avenue.

3. As always, have fun.


We’re planning a 7:00 PM group cruise through downtown. Lots of people wait downtown for the Cruisers, but concerns about losing parking spaces on return have kept many from cruising. There will be an 11” x 8-1/2” laminated GONE CRUISIN’ sign that can be picked up at the DJ and we’ll try to pass them around as well. The procedure is to leave that sign on a chair or cooler or whatever, in your space when headed into town so come prepared. Don’t trash the sign and keep it for at least the 2022 season and hopefully longer. We respect each other and should take care of each other by following the plan. There will be those unaware so be patient. There will be those that won’t care. Don’t argue. No sense in making enemies. Inform them and let them know Cruisers as a group will disapprove. Being unwelcome and peer pressure work. So fire up at 7:00 and make a couple of passes through downtown. Don’t overdo it and get parked again by 8:00 or so. We’ll make adjustments if necessary through the season. It’s time to make spectators happy, have fun and DRIVE IT!



We have a new Chief of Police Joe Harvey and he’s fair-minded like former Chief Kilpatrick. When someone ignores the Fire Lane signs In the King Soopers lot, tell them citations will be issued on first offense for parking there. Same if a business owner wants spaces next to the buildings. Treat people as they want to be treated about COVID.